From acting to music, the way she became ‘Nightingale of India’

The Nightingale of India : Religion says, the soul or immortality? is it so? Legendary musician Lata Mangeshkar requested the doctor not to make any fuss about her. Yajna started in the country and abroad as soon as the news of her illness spread. Her own house was not left out. Yet she left.

Nightingale of India - Lata Mangeshkar ( লতা মঙ্গেশকর )
Lata Mangeshkar ( লতা মঙ্গেশকর )

The demise of the human form of Bagdevi took place in secret. This is what she wanted all his life. She chose the unpretentious life voluntarily. She kept herself under strict discipline. In a close circle she used to talk about roots, not forgetting roots.

Although she started her professional life with acting, she later became a legendary singer in India. From the very beginning, music-based Bollywood filmmakers, playback singers or behind-the-scenes singers have been an integral part of the art world – where professional singers sing and actors perform on the movie screen.

Lata Mangeshkar, nicknamed ‘Nightingale of India’, has sung nearly 30,000 songs in 36 Indian languages ​​in her half-century long career. She was one of the most sought after musicians in India for decades. Every top actress in Bollywood wanted her song to be sung with her in the film.

[ From acting to music, the way she became ‘Nightingale of India’ ]

Lata Mangeshkar said in an interview that her family practised classical music and film songs were not very popular at home. She never received formal education. A housemaid taught her the Marathi alphabet and a local priest taught her Sanskrit. Relatives and teachers used to come to her house and teach her other subjects.

Lata Mangeshkar ( লতা মঙ্গেশকর )
Lata Mangeshkar ( লতা মঙ্গেশকর )

But the time became difficult for them, when her father lost her memory. As a result, she was forced to close down her film and theater career. The family was forced to move to the western city of Pune (now Pune) after their family residence was auctioned off in Sangli, Maharashtra. After the death of her father, the family moved to Bombay (now Mumbai).

At that time in the nineteen forties, young Lata started acting for income as there were not many singing opportunities in the film. She has also acted in about eight Marathi and Hindi films. In the 1943 Marathi film Gajabau, she sang a song titled ‘Kichha Kotha, Kichha Shabd’, which was his first song in the film.

Apart from this, she used to earn two hundred rupees per month by acting in films till 1947. In an interview, she commented on her time in the film, “I never liked makeup or light. People are ordering you – say this, say that, I was very uncomfortable. ‘When a director told him to cut her eyebrows; Because, these are more spread, then she was very injured. But she accepted it.

Lata Mangeshkar ( লতা মঙ্গেশকর ) Noor Jehan ( নুর জেহান ) ও Asha Bhosle ( আশা ভোঁসলে )
Lata Mangeshkar ( লতা মঙ্গেশকর ) Noor Jehan ( নুর জেহান ) ও Asha Bhosle ( আশা ভোঁসলে )

Then after singing in the movie ‘Mahal’ in 1949, she came to the notice of everyone. Over the next four decades, she sang many memorable and popular songs. These include many famous films like Pakija, Mazbar, Awara, Mughal-e-Azam, Shree 420, Aradhana and Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayeng, which has been on record for over 20 years. She has also sung with all the famous singers of Bollywood. Among them are Mohammad Rafi and Kishore Kumar.

Lata Mangeshkar was very happy in her personal life. She always tried to spread joy with her songs. In an interview, she said, “I always think that happiness is the thing to share with everyone in the world and sadness is the thing to hold on to.”

Every song of this time-honoured artist may have become a part of someone’s life, but it has also brought joy to millions of people. Farewell ‘Nightingale of India’.

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